Network Computing & Communications

Our Network Computing & Communications segment provides a market-leading array of network computing products that bring trusted and resilient communications and computational resources to U.S. and international militaries, allowing them to more rapidly share data and improve situational understanding.  We provide trusted computing and communications technology to support our warfighters on the ground, whether they are in their combat vehicles or on foot. We develop sophisticated naval computing, network, data distribution and control systems. And we provide global satellite communications for the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Special Forces and intelligence communities.


Network Computing

Network ComputingAs the only provider of the Mounted Family of Computer Systems, we are the leading global supplier of trusted battle management systems and mounted computing hardware for ground forces worldwide, with a full complement of mission-critical computers, tablets and displays. For U.S. and allied naval customers, we are a leading provider of naval computing systems and networks, shipboard communications, radar, surface ship and submarine combat and command and control systems and integrated logistics, sustainment and advanced manufacturing services.



CommunicationsWe are one of the largest commercial satellite communications providers for the U.S. military, providing terrestrial and space bandwidth to ensure secure and reliable communications for forward-deployed U.S. military forces.  We are positioned through our rich legacy and outstanding reputation to grow into a leading communications provider for the new U.S. Space Command. We are also a trusted provider of next-generation tactical terminals to U.S and Allied military forces that provide receive and transmit near real-time multi-source threat, survivor and Blue Force Tracker data among airborne, land and ship-based tactical systems.