DRS Canada Employees Raise Funds on Behalf of Men's Health

January 9, 2018 -- Employees of DRS Technologies Canada Ltd. raised $1,700 for the benefit of Movember, the only global charity concentrating exclusively on the health of men. 

Since its founding in Australia in 2003, the foundation has inspired millions of men and women to act on behalf of men's health, funding more than 1,000 projects focused on prostate and testicular cancer and suicide prevention. During the month of November, male supporters of the foundation are encouraged to grow a moustache (or "mo") as a demonstration of support. The employees raised money by asking friends, families and co-workers to support DRS men growing facial hair and creating awareness of the foundation and its work. A portion of the funds they generated went to a team at Ottawa Hospital engineering viruses that target and kill prostate cancer cells.