Vesper Family of VHF/UHF VPX Tuners and Exciters

Multiple 100 MHz bandwidth channels covering 2 MHz - 6 GHz


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Vesper is a significant advancement in high-performance RF technology and dense channel packaging. With a modular and open architecture design, Vesper can be easily configured to support specific requirements. This flexibility provides a low-risk approach when integrated into a system’s final design.

Vesper is the ideal RF front end for systems performing military and commercial operations such as Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), electronic support measures (ESM), electronic warfare (EW), spectrum monitoring, spectrum analysis, and test and measurement. Vesper is optimal for operations requiring high channel density, such as direction finding and beam forming.

Vesper is backed by a standard three year warranty (some restrictions may apply). We are committed to providing outstanding product reliability and support, so you can focus on mission success.

Vesper's newest family member

The SI-9172 Vesper accepts up to four RF receive channels and an optional RF exciter channel in a single 3U VPX card.

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Dense channel packaging

The SI-9173 Vesper accepts up to nine RF receive channels and an optional exciter channel in a single 6U VPX card.

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We specialize in designing and manufacturing RF tuners and receivers that are ready to integrate and empower SIGINT systems.

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SI-9173 Vesper VHF UHF Tuner Exciter
Densely Packaged Multichannel Receiver and Exciter

A significant advancement in RF performance and density for modular, open system architectures. The family of Vesper Tuners and Exciters are highly scalable to extend the life of current systems.

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  • Frequency coverage of 2 MHz to 6 GHz per channel
  • Selectable analog output bandwidths of 100 MHz
  • Independent or phase coherent operation
  • Phase coherency supports up to 54 channels from six 6U VPX cards, and up to 16 channels from four 3U VPX cards
  • Excellent SSB Phase-Noise Performance
  • Optional DDC & DUC loads
  • Leading-edge analog-to-digital converter technology