Tunner 60K Aircraft Cargo Loader/Transporter

Quickly and Seamlessly Load up to Six Pallets of Cargo for Flight


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With a powered conveyor system and a height-adjustable deck, the Tunner Aircraft Cargo Loader gets cargo onto aircraft with hardly any operator effort. It can load at speeds up to 23 miles per hour and can easily be adjusted to suit the target aircraft.

The Tunner Aircraft Cargo Loader integrates with many military and commercial aircraft, including the C-5, C-17, B-747, L-1011 and DC-10. It can even be folded up for efficient air transport.


  • Advanced automation
  • Deck adjustable in pitch, roll, side shift and yaw
  • Powered deck conveyors for moving cargo
  • 180° wheel rotation to reduce width for air transport
  • 350 HP, V-6 turbocharged diesel engine
  • Four wheel hydrostatic drive
  • All deck controls operated from cab
Tunner 60K Aircraft Loader data sheet
Tunner 60K Aircraft Loader / Transporter

The Tunner 60K Aircraft Cargo Loader/Transporter is a highly mobile vehicle system that can transport up to six pallets of cargo at a maximum speed of 23 mph.

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Tunner for hurricane recovery efforts
Tunner Halvorsen Aid Recovery in Puerto Rico

The U.S. Air Force has sent Tunner and Halvorsen aircraft cargo loaders to Puerto Rico in support of recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

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