TITAN OBVP for Medium Tactical Vehicles (MTV)

Enable MTVs to Generate Mission Power

Leonardo DRS and Allison Transmission have partnered to offer TITAN On-Board Vehicle Power (OBVP) for Medium Tactical Vehicles (MTV). TITAN OBVP MTV utilizes a Transmission Integral Generator (TIG) with power producing capabilities ranging from 30 kW up to 125 kW for medium tactical and combat vehicles utilizing the 3000 series transmission.

The Leonardo DRS-Allison TITAN OBVP MTV System is a retrofit kit that has no effect on the drive train length. No additional belts, bearings or shafts are added. The TIG encompasses the same volume as the standard transmission. This is one of the most efficient ways to generate electrical power.

The TITAN OBVP MTV system offers Commanders immediate operational power capability On the Move (OTM) or At the Halt (ATH). OBVP MTV does not front-load the engine like less powerful alternator solutions do. The TIG is maintenance free, no PMCS required.

TITAN OBVP is a force multiplier that extends battlefield mobility and reduces logistical footprint.


System Characteristics

  • Installs at depot level using standard tools and mounts
  • Can be application configured, producing electric power from 30kW up to 125 kW
  • Transmission Integral Generator (TIG) does not alter vehicle driveline length
  • Operation does not require new Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)
  • Diagnostics, system health, and performance reporting (J1939 CAN)
  • TIG approach minimizes maintainability burden
  • Power Generation with No Impact to Vehicle Drive-line Space Claim
  • TITAN OBVP MaxxPro Mobile Integrated Command Platform (MiCP)

Benefits & Highlights

  • Transforms platform into electrical Power Plant
  • Supports expeditionary forces with export power capability
  • Reduces logistics footprint by displacing the need for towed generators during expeditionary or mobile operations
  • Revolutionary transmission-integral generator (TIG) powered from the engine drive shaft
  • No change in drive train length
  • Power LRUs install in convenient locations
  • Export power up to 125 kW
  • Configurable power delivering both AC and DC On the Move (OTM) or At the Halt (ATH)
  • Optional energy storage for silent watch capability
  • No belts, bearings, or new shafts: no associated periodic maintenance
  • No wet stacking