Technical Manual Validation and Delivery


Stephanie Meyett

Naval Electronics

+1 757 819 0700 

Final technical manual deliverables typically go through a formal validation process consisting of the physical performance method of demonstration of set-up, alignment, operating, troubleshooting and maintenance procedures witnessed by the customer.  

We support all validation/verification events of our technical manual deliverables. This includes preparation of M-Demo/M-Eval Plans, Reports and Procedures, as well as conducting the Val/Ver event. A certificate of validation attesting to the successful completion of this process accompanies each technical manual delivery.

All technical manual deliverables are produced and delivered in hardcopy and electronic format as directed by the contract. We have the capability and experience to produce technical manuals in various file formats, including MS Word, XML, and SGML in accordance with different military specifications, including TM-1.