Technical Manual Development

Developing Technical Manual Delivery Formats to Meet All Contract Requirements


Stephanie Meyett

Naval Electronics

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Technical manuals, whether they are paper hard copies, Electronic Technical Manuals (ETM), or Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) must be complete and accurate to support the operational and maintenance tasks associated with the system or equipment.

Our technical manuals are written using our proven development plan that ensures low cost, comprehensive, user-friendly products for the fleet or field operator. DRS technical manuals are developed using certified quality processes and follow the general guidelines outlined in NAVSEA Technical Manual Management Program Guide for Quality Assurance of NAVSEA Technical Manuals (SOO5-AA-GYD-070/TMMP) REV 1.

System Operation and Maintenance Manuals are developed using data gathered empirically in a lab or factory setting, as well as from the Technical Data Package (TDP), documented Logistics Management Information (LMI), and Software Documentation.

DRS Naval Power Systems uses teams of technical writers, technicians, and engineers to ensure manuals are written to the correct maintenance level to reduce training time and increase operational availability. We have extensive experience in authoring technical manuals for many different products in various file formats, including MS Word, XML, and SGML. In addition, we develop other technical manual forms such as Quick Reference Guides (QRGs), User’s Manuals, and Shipboard Manuals in accordance with different military specifications, including TM-1.

Final technical manual deliverables will go through a formal validation process consisting of the physical performance method of demonstration of set-up, alignment, operating, troubleshooting and maintenance procedures.