Targeting Under Armor (TUA)

Stabilized. On The Move. On Any Platform.


Brian Becker

Land Systems

+1 314 553 4143 

Leonardo DRS fully developed and tested stabilized mounting kit for LRAS3 sensor (Targeting Under Armor) through the US Army’s Armored Knight program. The TUAs mission is to provide precision far-target location and laser target designation for both artillery and precision-guided munitions to achieve first-shot target lethality.

Operational Description:

  • Cavalry Scouts, especially in IBCTs, require improved sensors and enhanced mobility, lethality, and survivability.
  • Existing platform program of record is the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV); integrating improved technologies to create the Recon Variant (RV).
  • JLTV RV will likely serve as the Light Recon Vehicle (LRV) for the foreseeable future.
  • Leonardo DRS has MEPs for greater lethality and improved situational awareness and targeting.


TUA kit can be provided GFE through Armored Knight to JLTV program to field initial LRV capability at low cost / risk. TUA kit will provide US Army Scouts with significant leaps in capability:

  • Stabilized LRAS3 increases Precision of surveillance; Provides robust on-the-move capabilities, and Scouts with increased force protection by removing them from open turret hatch
  • Networked LRAS3 enables population of all targets on JBC-P, slewing from LRAS3 to CROWS II, and slewing from LRAS3 to wingman’s LRAS3

Leonardo DRS designed TUA kit with open architecture that will allow incremental capability:

  • Modular gimbal to accommodate future sensor capabilities (3rd GEN FLIR; Shortwave FLIR; Sensors for Urban Environment)
  • Counter-Unmanned Aerials Systems, Ground Surveillance Radar, and Elevated Sensing Capacity