Beyond Line of Sight Communications

Link 22 Tactical Data Links Provide Allied Interoperability

Leonardo DRS Improves Secure Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS) Communications for Australian Defence Force

As Link 11 communication capabilities are removed from operational service in the coming years, Link 22 will be the eventual replacement.

Link 22 is a secure beyond-line-of-sight communication capability that increases joint and coalition communications in the surface, sub-surface, land, and air domains by providing unprecedented situational awareness across the battle space. This new technology refresh of core hardware and software components provides a foundation that is expandable to platforms for years to come.

The inherent performance benefits of Link 22, such as its self-healing network ability, increased user availability, longer range, and interoperability with Link 11 and Link 16, coupled with new modernized crypto, means it is ready for today’s battlefield while offering capability growth for future mission sets.

Leonardo DRS’ Link 22 solution is positioned well for current missions and is primed to accept additional missions due to its abundance of spare memory and processing power. Utilizing next generation hardware and software architecture, coupled with software-defined radio and software-defined modem technologies, the company is able to offer enhanced capabilities while retaining the look, feel, and operational reliability to which the world’s operators have grown accustomed. Leonardo DRS is the world’s preferred Link 22 capability provider having developed, tested, and fielded the technology since 2008, and with more than 250 Link 22 units delivered or on contract to deliver worldwide.

As the world’s only current manufacturer of fielded Link 11 and Link 22 solutions, Leonardo DRS’ commonality across hardware and software ensures interoperability between nations during times of long range secured SATCOM, as well as HF/UHF encrypted communications during time of SATCOM-denied operations. With additional, advanced HF waveforms, this solution can expand upon the capabilities inherently found in Link-22.

Leonardo DRS has a 20-year relationship providing Australian Defence Forces with Link 11 and more recently, Link 22. These capabilities have ensured robust, secured coalition communications during peacetime, wartime, and humanitarian assistance events around the world. To provide even faster return to service activities for Australian users, Leonardo DRS has partnered with Bellinger Instruments of Sydney to perform depot repairs and services. 

TDL Terminal Sets
Improving Allied Interoperability

Leonardo DRS is the world leader in beyond-line-of-sight tactical data link (TDL) communications guaranteeing interoperability across domains, platforms, and nations.

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