Tactical Data Link TDL

Tactical Data Link (TDL) Terminal Sets

Improving Allied Interoperability

With over 30 years’ experience, 3,000+ Link 11 units deployed, and 200+ Link 22 units on contract to deliver, it is not surprising that Leonardo DRS is the world leader in beyond-line-of-sight communications guaranteeing interoperability across domains, platforms, and nations.

Link 22 & Link 11 Product Family

Subcompact 1U Rackmount Link 22 Signal Processing Controller (SPC)

Subcompact Dual/Quad Link-22 Signal Processing ControllerA modern data link containing the latest state-of-the-art signal processing technology. The Link 22 SPC provides all required modem functions for system usage in high-frequency (HF) or ultra-high frequency (UHF) communications.

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Link 22 / Link 11 Shipboard Data Link MODEM (DLM)

AN/USQ-125V: TADIL-A/Link 11 Data Terminal Set / Link 22-SPCThe DLM product line, previously known as AN/USQ-125V and MX-512PV, are shipboard data terminal sets that provide all required modem and network control functions in a Link 11 / TADIL-A system using either HF, UHF, or satellite radio communications. The DLM is available in two form factors providing single and dual-channel configurations.

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Airborne Link 11 Data Terminal Set with Embedded Crypto (DTS-K)

DTS-K CP-2635(C)/A: Airborne Link 11 / TADIL-A Data Terminal Set with Embedded CryptoThe DTS-K performs as a modem, communicating tactical command and control data between ship, shore and air platforms on the Link 11 system. In addition, it provides National Security Agency certified encryption capabilities.

DTS-K has three primary functions: first, to handle message flow from one station to another; second, to transmit and receive data; and third, to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data for Communication Security (COMSEC). Working as one integrated system, it ensures that all sensitive communications within the Link 11 network are properly protected.

The system can be operated remotely from the cockpit and can be configured to provide the Single-Tone Link 11 (SLEW) waveform in high-traffic environments. It can also be configured to connect to an alternate Link 22 network.

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Accessory Items

Link 22 Ethernet Media Translator (EMT)

Media TranslatorThe Leonardo DRS Link 22 Ethernet Media Translator (EMT) provides a simplified method of interfacing the Link 22 LLC-7M crypto to the Leonardo DRS Signal Processing Controller (SPC) over a standard Ethernet interface. The EMT accepts up to four RS-422 serial traffic channel interfaces from the LLC-7M and routes each channel to the appropriate SPC. The EMT is configurable to allow the operator to designate each channel as either single SPC or Split-Site operations and assign a target IP address and port for each target SPC.

Remote Control for Data Link MODEM (DLM)

Remote Control for AN/USQ-125(V)In order to control the DLM, a remote control is embedded with a Windows XP or Linux operating system software. The 19-inch LCD display allows users to run the Data Terminal Set (DTS) Control and Status application, as well as the Learning Management System (LMS) application simultaneously.

It can also support Control and Status application software for Link 22 Single Processor Controller (SPC) functionality. The display can easily be mounted in a rugged rack for space-saving storage and to withstand the demanding Naval Shelter environment. 

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MX-512L Link Monitor System

Link Monitor SystemThe MX-512L Link Monitor System allows operators to actively monitor and adjust communication connection performance. Working alongside any Link 11 Data Terminal Set, the MX-512L monitors the connected radio system’s connection performance and isolates any faults that may be inhibiting the connection. Using this real-time, user-friendly data, operators can adjust the connection and the system even from a remote location.

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