T-X trainer aircraft facility - Tuskegee

Made in the USA

T-100 is the only T-X team to announce an entirely new manufacturing facility, to be built at the iconic Moton Field where the Tuskegee Airmen trained in Alabama. Furthermore, as part of Team T-100, CAE will create world-class training systems in Tampa, Florida, and Honeywell will build the F-124 engines in Phoenix, Arizona.  

For years to come, the T-100 will create high-tech jobs in aircraft and training system production in America. Making it the right choice not only for our pilots, but for our country, today and in the future.

T-X Trainer Aircraft Facility in Tuskegee, AL

T-100 T-X trainer made in USALeonardo DRS will build a new state-of-the-art aircraft manufacturing facility in Tuskegee, Alabama to produce its T-100 jet trainer if it is selected by the U.S. Air Force. 

The T-100 team selected Moton Field Municipal Airport in Tuskegee for its new aircraft manufacturing facility because of the skilled workforce, expansive airfield infrastructure, and strong local and state resources supporting economic development in the region.  

T-X is an extremely important program to the U.S. Air Force because it will replace an aging fleet of existing jet trainers.  Building a new facility that will produce new jobs and proven aircraft is a benefit-multiplier for the Air Force and for the Tuskegee region.

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