Smart Power Management Unit (SPMU)


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Huntsville, AL 35808-2002

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The SPMU is a multi-channel 28VDC power controller that is capable of power management and diagnostics. The SPMU is conduction cooled, microcontroller-based, Solid State Power Controller (SSPC), designed with Line Replaceable Module (LRM) characteristics for military and commercial applications.

Each of the 32 channels of the SPMU has software programmable current ratings and can operate in groups. The design has integrated current, temperature and voltage sensing and no derating over temperature. Parameter measurements, system status information, and control commands are implemented over CAN and Ethernet bus interfaces.


  • CURRENT PROTECTION - Similarly to the traditional electromechanical circuit breakers, the SPMU protects electrical circuits by closely controlling the I2t factor.
  • CHANNEL PARALLELING - Multiple individual channels can be paralleled in order to handle large current loads. The current rating is calculated as the sum of the individual channel ratings.
  • HEALTH MONITORING - The SPMU provides current, voltage (input and all outputs) and temperature measurements. This data can be used to monitor electrical loads and perform tasks such as diagnostics, prognostics and condition-based maintenance.
  • SMART MANAGEMENT & DISTRIBUTION - The SPMU provides "smart" functionality such as alternate channel control, additional I/O control, alarm/fault reporting, on-board diagnostics,, loss-of-com states, load shedding, reprogrammability, plug and play swapping, configurable in the field, and other higher-level power management.