Pressure & Differential Pressure Transmitters

Qualified for Class 1E Safety Related Applications

Leonardo DRS Naval Power Systems and Differential Pressure Transmitters are qualified for Class 1E safety related nuclear applications. The basic design is a Bellows/LVDT construction which DRS Consolidated Controls has over 50 years experience with units delivering reliable service in nuclear applications. Leonardo DRS Naval Power Systems manufactures a broad line of transmitters and sensors to monitor pressure, flow, level, temperature, speed and position for severe environment applications.

Leonardo DRS sensors and transmitters are designed and qualified to operate in extremely adverse environmental conditions encountered in both primary and secondary plant applications. Our sensors and transmitters are highly accurate and will operate continuously for decades in critical applications. Longer life corresponds directly to lower overall operating costs through the elimination or reduction of periodic transmitter replacement due to high temperature or radiation degradation over the life of the plant.

Product Highlights

  • Qualified for Class 1E safety related applications
  • Custom application-specific models to suit the harshest needs
  • Replace legacy transmitters that are no longer available
  • Design into Advanced Reactor Applications to yield unmatched performance that can’t be satisfied with currently available transmitters
  • Over 50 years of experience producing extremely rugged units for pressure, differential pressure, position, and temperature
Data Sheet

Pressure & Differential Pressure Transmitters

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