SI-8649A/PF PicoFlexor™ SDR Transceiver

A receiver and transmitter in a low SWAP software-defined radio platform.

Equipped with the high performance parameters of the PicoFlexor, the PicoFlexor Transceiver adds a transmit capability.

In a miniature, tactical software-defined radio (SDR) platform, the PicoFlexor Transceiver integrates a transmitter with a high-performance SIGINT superheterodyne receiver in a single, low size, weight and power module.

With its open SDR architecture, the PicoFlexor Transceiver can be configured using open frameworks, such as GNU Radio and REDHAWK, to fit customer-specific application requirements. This customization enables the unit to perform in systems for both military and commercial operations including electronic attack, situational awareness, geo-location and spectrum monitoring.

The PicoFlexor Transceiver is backed by a standard three year warranty (some restrictions may apply). We are committed to providing outstanding product reliability and support, so you can focus on mission success.

Leonardo DRS frequency extender to 12.4
Extending the Frequency of VHF/UHF Receivers

Pair the PicoFlexor Transceiver with Leonardo DRS’ SI-9249/FE12 and extend the frequency range of the superheterodyne receiver from 3 GHz to 12.4 GHz.

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one or two receiver channels and sdr
Best-in-Class SIGINT SDR Solution

High RF performance combined with state-of-the-art digital processing and a simple user interface, makeup the PicoFlexor software-defined radio.

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Detect and Jam VHF UHF Signals
Receiver & Transmitter in a Low SWAP SDR Platform

Detect and jam signals when and where you need it. Whether for military or commercial operations, the PicoFlexor Transceiver can detect the signals otherwise deemed undiscoverable.

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RF Tuners and Receivers
Ready to Integrate

Over sixty years of experience designing and manufacturing RF tuners and receivers that are ready to integrate and empower SIGINT systems.

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SIGINT Tuners and Receivers
SIGINT Tuners and Receivers

Our Signal Solutions products are suitable for commercial applications and adaptable for land, sea and air operations across a variety of platforms as well as tactical, man-portable capabilities

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Transceiver jamming communications
A Vital Component for Jamming Communications

The Marine Corps combats emerging communication threats through the Intrepid Tiger program that is equipped with a high-performance transceiver that scans for and jams enemy signals.

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