Naval Shipboard Installation Support

With a 36-year legacy of successful completion of electronic Alteration Installation Teams (AITs), Leonardo DRS' Naval Electronics line of business is an industry leader in equipment installation, particularly Naval Shipboard installations. Our project managers are expert in organizing and executing shipboard installations within strict scheduling parameters and within budget, while performing work technically superior to any other contractor.  We understand the Statement of Work and task order requirements, including the drawings required, the unique platform and local location requirements. Each location has different security, OSHA, HAZMAT, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) training requirements. In addition, Leonardo DRS understands the unique procedures of each location and the need to report with the proper certification cards in hand. Finally, Leonardo DRS has experience with local procedures for task close-out, proper house cleaning at the end of a task, and acquiring final ship signature for task completion.

Our large-scale design, integration, and installation efforts include C4I SCN Platforms, 32 Submarines, and 50 Shore facilities. Our processes align with the required methodology and procedures of Naval Sea Systems Command Technical Specification 9090-310F and follow the Navy Modernization Process Management Operations Manual (NMP-MOM) and Shore Installation processes.