Multi-Spectral Surveillance System (MS3)


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Leonardo DRS’ Multi-Spectral Surveillance System (MS3) is a state-of-the-art ground vehicle mission equipment package combining full-spectrum reconnaissance and surveillance capability; precise, reliable navigation and targeting; and voice and digital command/control/ communications, in a fully ruggedized, integrated system.
The MS3 is not a sensor system, but a “system for any sensor.” MS3 incorporates an open architecture that enables it to accept a wide variety of modern sensors tailored to the warfighter’s specific requirements. It then fully optimizes the combined performance of these sensors by mounting them on a highly stabilized, heavy duty gimbal. This potent combination of high-performance surveillance, navigation, targeting, and communications gives the ground commander dominant battlefield situational awareness, allowing him to shape the battlefield and impose his will on the enemy before he can react. MS3 tells him where and what the threat is, at extended ranges, under any condition, and provides the means necessary for timely, effective control of his direct and indirect fire assets.
Typically employed on light to medium tactical and combat platforms, MS3 is to be fielded in a mast-mounted configuration to the Australian Army on its ASLAV-S reconnaissance vehicle.


  • Provision for multiple day/night electro-optic, laser, and RF/radar-based sensors with integral “slew-to-cue” target hand-off functionality
  • Highly stabilized, remotely operated sensor suite enabling system operation under armor and on-the-move
  • Gimbal stabilization facilitates long range target acquisition through narrow fields of view, as well as laser target designation (if chosen) at extended ranges
  • Elevated, mast-mounted or roof-mounted sensor suite allows surveillance under full platform defilade
  • Precise, jam-resistant GPS/INS navigation and target location
  • Modular sensor pod integration simplifies removal and re-attachment for both mounted and dismounted surveillance and targeting operations
  • High-resolution Operator’s Display provides an exceptional level of target acquisition D/R/I (Detection, Recognition, and Identification)