Multi-Function Rugged Displays (MRD) II

Operational Reliability in the Harshest Environments


Wayne Grimes

Land Electronics

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The MRD II’s are multi-function, extremely rugged, sunlight-readable displays that incorporate resistive multi-touch screens. The 12.1" and 15" MRD II’s implement XGA (1024x768) resolution LCD screens, while the 17" has a SXGA (1280x1024) resolution LCD. The internal display assembly is optically bonded to optimize direct sunlight readability and enable operation through harsh vibration and shock environments. The display system provides the user with the flexibility to operate the MRD II in both direct sunlight and extremely low-light level applications.

All MRD II’s support an optional rugged USB keyboard that meets the same environmental requirements.

MRD II data sheet

For Mission-Critical Applications in the Most Demanding Environments

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The MRD II’s are ideally suited for rugged fixed and mobile applications that have demanding environmental requirements. The MRD II’s can operate through extreme thermal, shock, and vibration exposure while hard mounted.* Operation in the toughest military, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and industrial environments has been validated through an intensive qualification program and fielded operations.

The MRD II’s include bezel keys for Power, Brightness and Volume controls as well as bezel keys that can operate as software defined application hotkeys. The combination of the bezel keys, touch screen, and optional keyboard allow the MRD II’s to be an ideal workstation for computing, sensor integration, and video processing applications.


MRD II WorkstationsThe MRD II workstation displays are well suited for mobile and harsh environments where reliability is critical. These displays allow operators access to critical data in locations and work environments where normal displays could not operate.

MRD II Multiple InterfacesThe MRD II’s offer resistive multi-touch screen, and optional rugged USB keyboard interfaces for operators. All of these interfaces operate over the full spectrum of rugged environmental specifications.

MRD II RuggednessWith a strong aluminum housing, EMI shielding, industrial grade connectors, and high performance–bonded display assemblies the MRD II’s can sustain operation through the harshest of environmental conditions.

MRD II MultifunctionThe MRD II’s screen size, resolution, and touch screen interface allow each display to be used for multiple concurrent application. As a workstation display, the MRD II’s can simultaneously display live video in one portion of the screen while critical control systems are monitored and adjusted in another portion of the screen.