MFoCS mission command tactical computing


MFoCS II: Next Generation Tactical Computing for Mission Command

MFoCS II is a highly modular system, allowing a program manager to add hardware as functionality and processing power needs increase. And because all components are ruggedized, they are designed to operate in extreme environments — environments where lesser hardware might jeopardize the success of the mission.

MFoCS II: Mounted Computing Evolved

The Mounted Family of Computing Systems (MFoCS) II improves Situational Awareness (SA), Command and Control (C2), maneuverability, and logistics of a range of platforms and weapons systems, from ground vehicles to rotary-wing aircraft and more.

MFoCS II will be the common computing hardware for the Mounted Computing Environment (MCE). It is designed to facilitate rapid development of new capabilities, enhanced interoperability, security and more.

MFoCS II is backward compatible with fielded Mission Command capabilities. It integrates existing Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2) and Joint Battle Command-Platform (JBC-P) capability into a powerful, modular and flexible hardware architecture. 

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MFoCS II Rugged Military Tablet Rugged Portability
This ruggedized, dismountable Tablet features an Intel® Core™ i7 processor, and a 10.4" XGA bonded resistive multi-touch touch screen display and two internal hard drive bays. It can be tethered to and dismounted from the docking station. An optional MFoCS II keyboard can be attached to the Tablet. The Tablet also offers a Capability Upgrade Bay (CUB) to support future capability and interface expansion. Two hot-swappable Li-Ion batteries enable untethered operation of the Tablet away from the vehicle. A standard option for the MFoCS II Tablet is integration of a SAASM GPS module and bezel antenna. 

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MFoCS II Computer Processor UnitPower and Throughput
The MFoCS II Processor Unit (PU) features a powerful Intel® Xeon Quad Core Processor in a ruggedized, highly compact form factor. It can be paired with a mounted Display Unit or use the Basic MFoCS II Tablet as a dismounted display. It features two internal solid-state hard drive bays capable of supporting rotating or solid-state hard drives. Similar to the other MFoCS II LRUs, the PU includes a Capability Upgrade Bay (CUB) to support future capability and interface expansion. A standard option for the PU is integration of a SAASM GPS module for precision time and position location.

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Docking Station

MFoCS II Docking StationMounted Functionality
The purpose of the MFoCS II Dock is to provide a tether-able environment for the MFoCS II Tablet, as well as expansion and Input/Output interface options such as LAN, USB, COM, RS-170, Video, Audio, Power and more. It offers a built in Capability Upgrade Bay (CUB) for expansion and additional technologies, optional embedded RFID and optional wireless. It is compatible with legacy JV-5 Install kits and cabling for easy upgrades.

MFoCS II Rugged DisplaysSituation Visualized
There are three display options in the MFoCS II family — 12.1" multi-touch XGA 1024x768, 15" multi-touch XGA 1024x768 and 17" SXGA 1280x1024. The 12" model supports a LVDS interface, while the 15" and 17" models support both LVDS and Display Port interfaces. All three feature built-in audio, additional USB ports and a bonded display assembly integrated with both an EMI protection and resistive touch screens. Ruggedized, they are qualified for wheeled and tracked ground platforms and are sealed and immersible.

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MFoCS II Rugged KeyboardRugged Interface
The MFoCS II keyboard is a full 86-key QWERTY keyboard that is environmentally sealed against dirt, dust and moisture. It features a mouse-like, one-button pointing device as well as an additional USB port for peripheral add-ons.

MFoCS Brochure
Mounted Computing Environment Core Component

MFoCS II continues to be the POR choice for hosting Situational Awareness (SA), Command and Control (C2), maneuverability, and logistics on a range of platforms and weapons systems.

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