MFoCS network modernization


MFoCS II: Enabling Army Network Modernization

The Mounted Family of Computer Systems (MFoCS) II is a common computing solution that consolidates the requirements from a range of programs and military computing users.

  • Tactical Sensors
  • Tactical Networking
  • Tactical Logistics
  • Tactical Applications
  • System of Systems

As a Tool, It Is ever-evolving

The Mounted Family of Computer Systems (MFoCS) II represents the most advanced generation of rugged computers and displays ever engineered for military use. MFoCS II embodies the knowledge and experience gained through nearly 20 years of Mission Command and Battle Management Combat Experience with the U.S. Army Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2), Joint Battle Command-Platform (JBC-P), Blue force tracking (BFT), Movement Tracking System (MTS) Logistics and UK Army Bowman programs.

MFoCS II deftly executes the software necessary for a range of applications — Command and Control, Maneuver, Logistics and Situational Awareness. In addition, it can run multiple software packages at full speed, simultaneously, and is engineered to accommodate future software demands.

MFoCS II signifies an improvement in system integration and display of current on-board sensors, such as Driver’s Vision Enhancer (DVE), 360-degree situational awareness cameras, gunshot detection systems; Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) sights; Vehicle Health Management System (VHMS); Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) sensors; and more. When it comes to communications, the MFoCS II hardware infrastructure is also fully capable of managing control of combat net radios, routing of data between terrestrial and Satellite Communications (SATCOM) radios and cross-banding between two different networks.

Next-Gen Computing

Today's generation of Warfighter deserves a next-generation mounted computer.

MFoCS II includes new technologies such as the Intel® Xeon Quad Core Processor, expanded memory, greater storage and enhanced Information Assurance (IA). These enhancements provide significantly improved processing capacity and efficiency to run next generation software applications such as Joint Battle Command - Platform (JBC-P), Forward Observer System (FOS) and the Tactical Ground Reporting (TiGR) System. 

About MFoCS II
Empowering the Tactical Edge

Today's Mounted Family of Computer Systems (MFoCS) II program has evolved to leverage nearly 20 years of mission command and battle management combat experience.

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