Motor Controllers for Marine Platforms

MIL-SPEC Process Controllers (MSPC)

Proudly fielded on every U.S. Navy combatant since WWII, Leonardo DRS motor control products have proven themselves in the harshest environments.

With over a century of dedicated service, Leonardo DRS has standard and customizable motor operators to meet your needs, for construction or modernization.  We can design our custom controllers for easier installation or to include basic lead/lag/standby logic, removing the need for extra equipment to simplify your shipboard needs.

Leonardo DRS is the leader in providing MIL-SPEC solutions for the demanding maritime market. The latest technology is used in our innovative designs. The self contained Process Controller integrates military off the shelf equipment with a MIL-SPEC motor controller to provide a small, lightweight, and cost effective solution. Utilized on the latest U.S. Navy ships for pump controls, the MILSPEC qualified Process Controller is designed to withstand rugged maritime conditions for the life of the ship.

Whether for new shipbuilding or modernization programs MSPC (MIL-SPEC Process Controllers) is ideal for integrated control, condition based maintenance, power monitoring, and interfacing with ship network communications. Controls and indicators are functionally grouped on the controller to optimize the human interface, visibility, and ease of use.

From power distribution and electrical control products to ship control automation, Leonardo DRS offers advanced product development, world-class manufacturing and global engineering services and support. 


  • Distributed system architecture control 
  • Efficient and robust operation
  • Autonomous control
  • Expandable analog and discrete I/O
  • Expandable LED display
  • Analog readout displays
  • System diagnostics
  • Remote PROFIBUS communication
  • Navy electronic motor operator
    • Custom thermal overload trip curves
    • Full load current sensing from 0.5 to 150 Amps
    • Voltage sensing from 50 to 550 Volts

Leonardo DRS products are ever-evolving as our company looks to future Navy needs.


  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Line frequency
  • Apparent power
  • Real power
  • Reactive power
  • Power factor
  • Percent FLA
  • Percent nominal RMS voltage
  • Elapsed run time
  • Start count
  • Run time since start

Protective Feature

(Can be set as a trip or an alarm)

  • Under current
  • Over current
  • Motor JAM trip level
  • Current imbalance
  • Under voltage
  • Over voltage
  • Voltage imbalance
  • Single phasing current trip level
  • Single phasing voltage trip level
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Over a century of providing proven motor control solutions for maritime applications.

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