M1000 Heavy Equipment Transport Semi-Trailer

All-Weather, All-Road Heavy Equipment Hauler

The combat proven M1000 Heavy Equipment Transport semi-trailer carries armored vehicles and other heavy equipment loads weighing up to 70 tons. Rugged pendular suspension and automatic multi-axle steering ensures that the M1000 can get loads where they are needed. Highlights:

  • Completely automatic steering
  • Requires no tractor modification
  • Self-equalizing hydraulic suspension
  • Gooseneck compensation prevents 5th wheel overload
  • Built with non-developmental components
  • Adjustable deck incline eases loading / unloading
  • Mission-capable in all environments
  • Flexible
  • Maneuverable
  • Maintainable

The technology used in the M1000 has proven its value and capability in many years of military and commercial use. The M1000 fully satisfies the difficult mission to load, unload and transport the M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank and other heavy equipment worldwide on highways, secondary and cross combat surfaces in all weather conditions.

M1000 Data Sheet
M1000 Heavy Equipment Transport Semi-Trailer

Get mission-critical battle equipment to destinations through even the worst conditions.

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