Joint Platform Tablet (JPT)

Provides all-in-one computing functionality in the most space-constrained vehicles.


Wayne Grimes

Land Electronics

+ 1 321 543 3488

Designed specifically for military applications, the Joint Platform Tablet (JPT) features an ultra-rugged design, including a military-grade aluminum case, Dual Core Processor, 128 gigabytes of removable hard drive and a 10.4-inch touch display. It can handle the roughest terrains, hard-mounted directly into a vehicle platform with no additional vibration isolation kit. It is even built to accept a variety of future expansions, building the future directly into Warfighters' vehicles.

Mission Command on the Move
Mission Command on the Move Circa 2020

With the modern battlefield expanding exponentially, advanced C4ISR allows military forces to share greater amounts of critical information "beyond the line of sight," in simple, effective ways.

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