Hot Mock-Up Benches


Steve Shafer

Land Electronics

+1 321 505 8098


Leonardo DRS has developed several standard Hot Mock-up Bench (HMB) configurations for the AN/ALR-69, AN/ALR-56M, AN/ALE-47 and AN/AAR-47 avionics systems. Included in these configurations are the Integrated System Simulator, a 19” rack configuration, the Portable Test Unit configuration, and a computer enhanced configuration used for Intermediate-Level applications with increased screening, test and diagnostic applications. The HMB can also be used with the Leonardo DRS ALR-56M/ALR-69/APR-39 system Antenna Coupler Set for connection of an organizational-level tester such as the Leonardo DRS Electronic Combat End-To-End-Test System, or through a direct connection using radio frequency cables with TNC connectors.

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