SI-8746 Harrier Multichannel Wideband HF Digital Tuner

Delivers Unmatched Speed and Dynamic Range in Signal Detection

2-4 Channels, 1 MHz - 30 MHz Frequency Range, 30 MHz Bandwidth Tuner

Equipped with the highest dynamic range among HF tuners, Harrier’s ability to detect very weak signals in dense and noisy HF signal environments is unsurpassed.

With the ability to continuously stare at the entire HF spectrum and to perform precision tuning in multiple sub-bands, Harrier’s dual-use technology meets challenges posed by a range of missions.  These include communications intelligence, commercial spectrum monitoring, emergency public safety, and everyday business applications where disruptions in service by interfering signals must be overcome.

Harrier is compact in a 1U half-rack form factor providing low size, weight, power and cost per channel. The unit is available in two or four channels, each directly digitizing the entire HF spectrum from 1 MHz to 30 MHz. The digitized IF of each channel is precision time-stamped in VITA 49 format and transmitted over a 1Gig or 10Gig Ethernet link.

Harrier shares a common form factor and ready complement of accessory devices with the SI-8646 Talon VHF/UHF Receiver. These accessories simplify system integration details, such as cabling, system power, and how to rack-mount the two units side by side. This Harrier and Talon combination creates an easily deployed, high-performance digital HF/VHF/UHF capability. For less pristine environments, the Harrier and the Talon are offered in 2U half-rack form factors, complete with internal power supplies that are intended for high-dust environments typical of field operations.

Harrier is backed by a standard three year warranty (some restrictions may apply). We are committed to providing outstanding product reliability and support, so you can focus on mission success.

Applications Supported

Commercial Applications for Harrier Full-band Multichannel HF Digital TunerCommercial Applications

Harrier's dual-use technology supports commercial applications, such as spectrum monitoring/management, emergency public safety and everyday business applications that must overcome service disruptions by interfering signals.

Military Applications for Harrier Full-band Multichannel HF Digital TunerMilitary Applications

Harrier meets challenges posed by a range of missions including communications intelligence, direction finding/beam forming, geo-location and threat warning.

SI-8746 Harrier Data Sheet
Unsurpassed Ability to Detect Very Weak Signals

In dense and noisy HF signal environments, the Harrier Full-band HF Digital Tuner is clearly the best of an elite class.

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