External Sidecar® Data Acquisition Unit

Enables Real-Time Vehicle Maintenance Status

The External Sidecar® Data Acquisition Unit* provides access to system test signals without modifications to the system components. The Sidecar® monitors and digitizes up to 120 analog or discrete signals and provides the measurements to a high-speed data bus. The data can be collected and analyzed in real-time. There is no interruption or expenditure of system power because the Sidecar® receives its power via the combined data/power Sidecar® cable.

The Sidecar® performs several types of signal sampling on 120 channels, as commanded via the data bus:

  • Single volts direct current (Vdc) sample 
  • Periodic Vdc sample
  • Fast Vdc sample/waveform analysis

Each Sidecar® broadcasts its data on a Controller Area Network bus (CANbus) per the SAE J1939 or MILCAN Bspecifications, allowing the user to create a highly flexible system. The system is comprised of a rugged single-board computer with display that evaluates the monitored/sensed data, dates, and timestamps; stores the data; and communicates diagnostic results in real-time to the vehicle operator and maintainer, as well as off-board to a data analysis center and/or to a whole fleet management system.

Used in conjunction with a Diagnostic Control Assembly (DCA), one or many Sidecars® may be used to complete a Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) that provides vehicle maintenance status, vehicle readiness, and communicates this information to the vehicle operator and commander instantly. Sidecar® optimizes situational awareness and maintains storage of the accumulated vehicle health technical data for further use by the end user, maintainer or the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

*DRS Test & Energy Management, LLC Patent No. 6,697,763

Data Sheet
External Sidecar® Data Acquisition Unit

External Sidecar® Data Acquisition Unit enables real-time vehicle maintenance status.

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