On-Aircraft Test Systems and Antenna Coupler Sets


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For Eurofighter Combat Aircraft

On the factory production line, at depot or on the flightline, Leonardo DRS has Eurofighter operational and functional test requirements covered with our on-aircraft test systems and antenna coupler sets (ACSs). Our ACSs enhance testing by:

  • Isolating the electronic warfare (EW) or avionics system from environmental and spurious radio frequency (RF) signals
  • Eliminating the guess work of hand-held test fixtures
  • Increasing system testing repeatability

The MIL-PRF-28800-compliant ACSs provide an interface for end-to-end RF testing of EW and avionics assets at the organizational level (O-Level). Test Set hardware is designed to provide a highly accurate, repeatable and maintainable on-aircraft RF testing capability that can be used with appropriate RF sources or test sets.

Designed for easy and secure installation, Eurofighter ACSs use electronmagnetic interference-shielded housings that conform to the shape of the aircraft system antenna radomes to provide the human safety factors needed for high-power RF testing. The ACS housings provide total system isolation from extraneous RF and environmental signals, creating a secure testing environment for simulating real-world threats without compromise of sensitive emitter identification data.