Enhanced Situational Awareness (ESA) System

Improves Survivability and Mission Capability by Providing Users with Enhanced Coverage

The Driver’s Vision Enhancer (DVE) Wide camera module is at the heart of the ESA system. Featuring three 17-micron uncooled infrared cameras, it outputs a stitched 107° x 30° field of view video where each of the three internal and up to three external camera videos can be individually selected by the user.

The driver can electronically pan through the 107° total horizontal field of view the new camera provides. This unique capability allows the driver to see the road edges on both sides. The incorporated vehicle wheel track indicators aid the driver in clearly identifying any potential impediments to safe operation, whether driving forward or in reverse.

Currently fielded DVE systems can be easily upgraded to an ESA system, with its simple, drop-in replacement design. Any vehicle currently equipped with a DVE system can be readily upgraded to a DVE Wide in the field, without altering the system’s current configuration. By using the existing Display Control Module (DCM), the user can avoid costly and time-consuming DCM upgrades
and installation. The ESA system increases survivability, mobility, force protection, and safety to turn situational awareness into situational advantage.

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ESA Brochure
Enhanced Situational Awareness (ESA) System

Improves survivability and mission capability by providing users with enhanced coverage.

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ESA in Action
ESA in Action

See how Leonardo DRS’ Enhanced Situational Awareness (ESA) System improves survivability and mission capability by maintaining the driver and crew’s awareness of their environment.

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