Electronic Combat End-to-End Test System (EC-ETET)

Providing Performance Verification of Installed Electronic Combat Equipment

The Electronic Combat End-to-End Test System (EC-ETET) provides the latest in state-of-the-art synthetic instrument (SI) technology. Using SI allows the test system to inhabit a smaller footprint than other testers with similar capabilities. The major components of EC-ETET are:

  • Digital Control & Interface Unit (DCIU) (PN: 900749-001)
  • Radio Frequency Control & Interface Unit (RFCIU) (PN: 900750-001)
  • Case, Accessory, EC-ETET (PN: 900739-001)
  • Control & Interface, EC-ETET (PN: 900736-001)

Synthetic instrument (SI) technology reduces near-term obsolescence risks and also makes it possible to bring traditional instrument’s such as broadband radio frequency synthesizers, spectrum analyzers, waveform analyzers, oscilloscopes, and power meters out to the flightline in a military qualified, man-portable tester. The combination of increasingly available commercial-off-the-shelf synthetic instrument hardware and Leonardo DRS’ vast library of graphic user interface software modules allows Leonardo DRS to easily customize and reconfigure the tester to meet our customers’ needs today, and well into the future.

EC-ETET capitalizes on proven tester architecture currently employed by the United Kingdom Royal Air Force and Royal Navy, as well as the Royal Netherlands Air Force. The system is the latest generation of Leonardo DRS aircraft test equipment products, which include the Electronic Warfare End-to-End Test system currently in use at Eurofighter assembly plants as factory sell-off test equipment.

Data Sheet
Flightline Proven End-to-End Tester

The EC-ETET provides performance verification of installed electronic combat equipment.

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