Digital Vehicle Distribution Box (DVDB)

Embedded Diagnostics Systems

Leonardo DRS is a recognized leader in embedded vehicle electronic systems. The Digital Vehicle Distribution Box (DVDB) was developed and fielded to support Chassis Modernization / Embedded Diagnostics (CMED) of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.


  • Vehicle System Controller
  • Drive Train Monitoring
  • Sensor Monitoring / Reporting
  • Power Distribution
  • Video Processing 
  • Diagnostic Capability

The DVDB provides for driver video management, hull power distribution and hull diagnostics on the A3 Bradley. Its functionality includes collecting, processing, reformatting and distributing video and data from a variety of systems on the Bradley to the driver. Over 3000 DVDBs have been fielded within the Bradley Fighting Vehicle platform.

Designed to grow and adapt to current and future needs, the DVDB offers the flexibility needed for the Bradley vehicles on the modern battlefield by utilizing current technology capabilities.

The DVDB provides embedded diagnostics capabilities to detect failures and assist in troubleshooting. This embedded feature eliminates the need for carry on diagnostic equipment such as BRADS and other external diagnostic equipment such as STE-ICE.

The embedded diagnostics monitors power lines, signal lines and sensors interfacing with the DVDB to determine the health and status of the Bradley chassis.

The embedded diagnostics routine is composed of three parts; Startup Built-in-Test (SBIT), Background BIT (BBIT) and Interactive BIT (IBIT). SBIT occurs at power on and checks the DVDB status. BBIT occurs during normal DVDB operation and checks the chassis status in a background mode without operator intervention. IBIT occurs in the DVDB maintenance mode and allows the operator to select individual tests to be performed for fault isolation and repair.