Data Distribution Unit (DDU)

Unite a multitude of platforms and capabilities with one smarter, more efficient mission system.

An all-powerful tool for Warfighters, the DDU unites individual C4ISR and EW platforms into one user-friendly workstation, disseminating data across the network in near-real time. Using this workstation, users can monitor, control and interact with the entire system simultaneously.

In addition, the DDU provides its own inherent vast array of capabilities, acting as a tactical router, voice cross banding and call management system, tactical server, network video distribution system, peripheral control/radio management/sensor interfaces and GPS distributor.

All this in one small, efficient, rugged package with a modular design allowing for rapid upgrades rendering the DDU Unit essentially future-proof.

Data Distribution Unit Data Sheet
Data Distribution Unit (DDU) Block IV

The DDU uses a combination of hardware and software to enable centralized interaction with platform C4ISR, EW and weapons subsystems.

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