CTD Multi-Function Displays

Flexible Crew Station for Armored and Tactical Vehicles


Peter Hurst

Land Electronics



+44 7770 818465


The CTD display range provides the designers of vehicle electronic architectures with a flexible crew station that can be used to support a wide range of armored and tactical support vehicle functions.

The CTD display range accepts VGA, SVGA, XGA or SXGA resolution video and automatically scales it to fit the screen. The display has 2 high-resolution inputs and optionally can be configured with a further two low-resolution (PAL/NTSC) inputs, making it ideal for cost effectively integrating access to a wide range of vehicle systems on both legacy and new platforms.

  • An optional RS170 output of a high resolution input can be generated.
  • Available in two formats: a standard 25 bezel key display or Def Stan 23-09 “GVA” compatible.