Compact End to End Test (CETET) Equipment

Test Defensive Aid System (DAS) sensitivity with one simple solution.

Close the platform Defensive Aid System (DAS) Built In Test (BIT) gap with the Leonardo DRS Compact End-To-End Test equipment and antenna couplers. The latest stimulation/test equipment being brought into the Leonardo DRS family of Electronic Warfare (EW) testers is the Tier 2 Compact End-To-End Test (CETET) equipment. The CETET equipment coupled with Leonardo DRS antenna couplers provides a complete Defensive Aid System (DAS) stimulation/test solution in a single case. Paired with Leonardo DRS antenna couplers, the CETET provides a non-intrusive method of determining the sensitivity of a platform DAS.

Leonardo CETET Equipment
Compact End-To-End Test (CETET)

Our CETET Equipment connected to Leonardo DRS antenna couplers provides the perfect Stimulation/Test solution for all platform Defensive Aid Systems.

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