Communications-On-The-Move COTM

Communications On-the-Move Antenna Systems

COTM Systems for Satellite Communications

Leonardo DRS’ collection of Communications On-the-Move (COTM) Antenna Systems are modular solutions for ground, airborne, and maritime platforms conducting satellite communications (SATCOM). With multiple sizes and frequency band coverages available, a system can be tailored to a missions’ unique requirements without fearing communication loss.  

Leonardo DRS provides additional communication solutions that provide line-of-sight, beyond line-of-sight and situational awareness, check out Leonardo DRS' Joint Tactical Terminals and Tactical Data Links.

COTM Antenna Systems Product Family

Modular Communications On-the-Move (COTM) Antenna Systems

X-Band Communications On-The-Move (COTM) Antenna SystemDesigned with the highest quality commercial-off-the-shelf components, the Modular Communications On-the-Move (COTM) Antenna Systems are a match for the most challenging environments—where voice, video and data connections are vital to mission success and warfighter safety. The family of antenna systems is available in X- and Ku-Band in both 46 cm and 60 cm variants. All models are field-proven for both military and commercial satellite applications on vehicles, ships and aircraft.

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Shipboard Carry-on SATCOM System (SCOSS)

Shipboard Carry-on SATCOM System (SCOSS)Thanks to a lightweight, dual-purpose design, operators can easily deploy and assemble Shipboard Carry-on SATCOM System (SCOSS), quickly providing a quality connection. Data rates expand up to 6 megabytes per second using both commercial Ku- and X-band frequencies. Operators can also choose between single and dual antenna configurations to compensate for potential blockages. SCOSS provides the flexibility for Navy vessels large and small. The system can even continue service on a ground vehicle to provide continuous high bandwidth communication after a ship has docked.

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Modular Communications On-the-Move COTM
Modular Communications On-the-Move (COTM)

Learn how the modular COTM Antenna System is a match for the most challenging environments—where voice, video and data connections can be vital to mission success and warfighter safety.

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Leonardo DRS Ohio Location
From Design to Delivery

Communication On-the-Move Antenna Systems are designed, engineered and produced in the Beavercreek / Dayton, OH facility.

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Proven COTM Leader

The Leonardo DRS Satellite COTM Antenna System is based on over three decades of continuous design, development, production, and sustainment of satellite systems worldwide. Leonardo DRS is a world leader in Satellite COTM technology and has delivered systems in more than 20 countries. The Company’s satellite antenna systems are currently employed in shore support facilities, ground vehicles, and on large and small naval vessels ranging from destroyers and frigates to small fast boats and rigid inflatables.