Battle Management Data Terminal (BMDT-3)

The Battle Management Data Terminal (BMDT-3) notebook computer is designed and manufactured to survive the most rugged conditions worldwide, with wider operational temperature range, a fully sealed stronger construction and proven military heritage wherever it is needed — on the digital battlefield or the flightline — making it ready and able to perform during the most demanding operational challenges. The BMDT-3 is the right choice for military operations in any hostile environment.

The BMDT-3 houses an entirely commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) internal architecture and features long-life rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries that are hot-swappable, a truly exceptional thin film transistor (TFT) daylight readable display and a removable hard drive.

The BMDT-3 from Leonardo DRS has been specifically designed for extremely harsh environments and meets critical EMI and MIL-STD-810 environmental requirements. This proven and reliable computing system brings exceptional rugged computing performance and flexibility to the field at an affordable price and low life-cycle cost.