Antenna Coupler Set (ACS)

Aircraft-Specific Antenna Couplers for Avionics Testing

Leonardo DRS develops and fabricates MIL-PRF-28800-compliant Antenna Coupler Set (ACS) hardware to your specific airframe, electronic warfare (EW) and avionics suite testing requirements. The ACS’ provide an interface for end-to-end radio frequency (RF) testing of EW and avionics assets at the organizational level (O-Level).

Our antenna coupler hardware is designed to provide a highly accurate, repeatable and maintainable on-aircraft RF testing capability that can be used with appropriate RF sources or test sets. These antenna coupler sets are optimally used with commercial-off-the-shelf and militarized test sets like the Eurofighter Defense Aids Sub System factory tester and Leonardo DRS’ complete line of O-Level test systems, such as the general purpose EW End-To-End Test System, Compact End-to-End Tester and the RF Stimulation and Measurement Unit.

Operator Awareness

A game-changing capability that provides pilots with last-minute awareness of threats signals.

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