76mm Shipboard Gun

A Light Weight, Super Rapid Mounting 120 rds/min Naval Gun with Advanced Command & Control Console

The 76/62 Super Rapid (SR) Shipboard Gun is a light weight, rapid-fire naval gun providing unrivaled performance and flexibility in any air defense and antisurface role, particularly in anti-missile role.

Capability for very effective engagement of shore based targets is also provided for unique multi-role performance. The 76mm Shipboard Gun is suitable for installation on ships of any type and class, including small naval units.

Interface to a large variety of ship’s Combat Management System and/or Fire Control System (FCS) / Electro-Optical System (EOS) is provided, according to digital as well as analogical standard, including open architecture.

The Firing rate can be selected from single shot to 120 rds/min. In operational conditions the tactical time is less than 3 seconds and the standard deviation at firing is less than 0.3 mrad, thus providing excellent accuracy.

The 76mm Shipboard Gun is one of two medium caliber naval guns available with the capability of sustained fire, which is a fundamental requirement in any scenario involving the simultaneous engagement of multiple maneuvering targets, as requested by the emerging asymmetric warfare scenarios.

Automatic loading is provided through a revolving magazine and rapid reloading is easily undertaken even during firing action by two ammunition handlers. Standard supply includes the new Digital Control Console (DCC) capitalizing the digital technology to increase the functions available to the operator and to the maintainers.


The 76/62 Super Rapid (SR) Shipboard Gun is ready for operating the Leonardo Defense Systems 3AP Multifunction Programmable Fuse. The in service and new 76mm Shipboard Guns have the necessary flexibility for these options:

  • 76mm Shipboard Gun - SideviewIntegral Stealth Shield to reduce the total RCS of the ship 
  • Muzzle Velocity Radar to update the FCS of eventual deviations from range table values 
  • Multi Feeding Device for the automatic handling, selection and feeding of any type of ammunition loaded 
  • STRALES system - a guidance system for the DART guided projectile.


The Gun Mount capabilities included of a New Main Distribution Box/Control Console, which provides:

  • 76mm Shipboard Gun - Front ViewBasic functions
    • Gun Control algorithms/obstacle contouring
    • BITE on line
    • FCS Interfaces (digital, analogical, CORBA protocol etc.)
    • Control Panel Interfaces / Man Machine Interface 
  • Expanded functions
    • Maintenance
    • Troubleshooting
    • Documentation on line (Manuals on line and PMS)
    • Log Book (management support)
    • Guideline
    • Black Box