1500W DC/DC Power Conditioner

Leonardo DRS' 1500W DC/DC power conditioner is designed to operate from the vehicle’s 28 VDC bus to provide clean and stable 28 VDC output power to downstream equipment. In particular, the DC/DC power conditioner is designed to isolate and protect the connected equipment from transients, spikes and surges as established in MIL-STD-1275D.

The DC/DC power conditioner provides a current limited power output of 1500W; as well as a factory adjustable input current limit than can be increased to allow up to 1750W of output power.

The power conditioner also acts as a UPS, using super capacitors to provide a minimum of 20 seconds of holdup at 1140W. The super capacitors have a maintenance free life span of 10 years, minimizing the operation and maintenance costs typically required with lead acid batteries.


  • High reliability design
  • MIL-STD-1275D compliant
  • Long life, zero maintenance energy storage
  • Single 28VDC input, single 28VDC output
  • Available “output voltage present” signal on output connector
  • Small footprint; easily transportable configuration