10kW Export Power Vehicle Inverter

Reliable Power in Harsh Environments, When and Where You Need It


Doug Naugle

Naval Electronics



+1 757 819 0700 

Leonardo DRS’ 10kW DC-AC export power inverter meets the need for increased power demands on vehicles and is designed to operate in the harshest of environmental conditions, including vibration, shock, high temperature and humidity.

Our inverter contains safety protection such as output short circuit; input reverse polarity protection; and over temperature protection. Additionally, the inverter is free of sharp edges, and protects the user from high voltage and high temperature exposure.

The Inverter design employs simple circuit topologies built from highly reliable components. Control of the inverter output is ensured by a high performance DSP running specialized algorithms within the embedded firmware. A low distortion, sinusoidal output voltage results which meets the steady state and transient requirements of MIL-STD-1332B Class 1 Precise.

All these features ensure the user receives the best functional performance, with exceptional reliability, at the lowest operational and maintenance cost.