Electronic Battlefield

Electronic BattlefieldElectronic Warfare (EW)
Knowing that vital enemy data is being transmitted right now is our signal to innovate. Our goal is to provide comprehensive situational awareness of their communications and weapons systems. So we continually field turnkey electronic warfare systems that detect, locate and jam faster and more powerfully than ever before. All while reducing SWaP and widening range across a variety of platforms, so you own the spectrum.

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Network Modernization

Network ModernizationMounted Computing
Modernize platforms with the most advanced evolution of mounted computing. With its mission critical reliability and COTS technology and performance, MFoCS II is rugged enough to stand up to the battlefield while enhancing situational awareness, and protecting against cyber threats. The foundation of the Army’s Mounted Computing Environment, MFoCS II is VICTORY compliant and enables future convergence of the vehicle electronic architecture, so you own the edge.

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On-Board Vehicle Power

On-Board Vehicle PowerPower Comes From Within
Leonardo DRS’ TITAN On-Board Vehicle Power system generates the power necessary— on the move or at the halt—for any needs from Mission Command and Mobile Command, to Missile and Directed Energy Systems, as well as disaster and humanitarian relief efforts. Integrating directly into the Allison Transmission of light, medium and heavy class vehicles, it reduces SWaP over towed generators and provides up to 120kW of mobile power, without compromising functionality. So you own the edge.

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Platform Lethality

Platform LethalityManeuver Air Defense
Warfighters require precision direct fire weapons and missiles to defeat current and emerging threats. With Leonardo DRS’ Maneuver Air Defense solutions, Warfighters are able to maneuver at the tactical level with a complete detect, identify, track and defeat capability which defeats UAS, rotary-wing and fixed-wing threats. By employing precision ground-to-ground and ground-to-air lethality, the Warfighter can possess proper balance of mobility, protection and firepower to maneuver and destroy threats to truly own the edge.

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Precision Targeting

Precsion TargetingElectro-Optical / Infrared
For those seeking uncompromising image quality in man-portable IR, Leonardo DRS offers industry-leading EO/IR technology that is both proven and fielded worldwide. For forward observers, our targeting systems provide unmatched reconnaissance and laser target spotting with unbeatable features, flexibility and portability, allowing you to overmatch the enemy and own the edge.

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Vehicle Protection

Vehicle ProtectionActive Protection Systems
Front or Rear. Left or Right. Leonardo DRS’ TROPHY™ Active Protection System defeats all anti-armor rockets and guided missiles before they reach the platform. Already integrated on multiple combat vehicles, TROPHY™ is the combat-proven foundation for the Vehicle Protection Suite. Maintaining momentum and improving survivability, so you own the edge.

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Modernization Video Series


Modernization Part 1:

TITAN On-Board Vehicle Power (OBVP)

Modernization Part 2:

Trophy Active Protection System (APS)

Modernization Part 3:

Mounted Family of Computer Systems (MFoCS)