Geospatial Intelligence & satellite solutions

Geospatial Intelligence & satellite solutions


Leonardo DRS is a leader in global communications, enterprise IT and cybersecurity for defense, intelligence, federal/civil, commercial and international markets. In collaboration with e-GEOS, Leonardo DRS now provides enhanced geospatial solutions for key US Government agencies. Leonardo DRS will leverage its relationships and trusted capabilities to provide U.S. customers a platform for geospatial intelligence services including decision-making utilizing imagery, Internet-of-Things, behavioral monitoring, blue force tracking, autonomous vehicles, missile targeting, surface terrain, ocean terrain, tunnel detection and data mapping and so much more.

e-GEOS is the global distributor for the COSMO-SkyMed data, the largest and most advanced Radar Satellite constellation available today.

e-GEOS offers a unique portfolio of application services, specially thanks to the superior monitoring capabilities of COSMO-SkyMed constellation. It has acquired a leading position within European Copernicus Program.

Covering the whole value chain, from data acquisition to the generation of analytics reports, e-GEOS is working for big data analytics, based on the integration of different sources. This approach is one of the key assets of the new services and products offered by the company.

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