Navy receiving data terminal sets

Navy receiving data terminal sets from Leonardo DRS

The U.S. Navy is being supplied Link-11 and Link-22 data terminals from Leonardo DRS.

By Richard Tomkins,

May 15, 2017 (UPI) -- High-performance Link-11/Link-22 data terminal sets and related communications equipment are to be delivered to the U.S. Navy by Leonardo DRS.

The U.S. military and allied forces use Link-11 and Link-22 data systems to exchange information -- including radar tracking information -- among airborne, land-based and ship-board tactical data systems.

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"Under multiple contracts with the U.S. Navy, Leonardo DRS will provide data terminal sets and depot support services for airborne and shipboard operations." Leonardo said. "The sets support standard network, station and timing modes.

"With the addition of an optional port, the data terminal sets can also operate in digital mode, sending data by satellite, wire-line and other tactical circuits."

The company said Selex ES, a Leonardo company, also has ordered the Link-11 and Link-22 data terminals for the Italian Navy. An unidentified prime contractor also placed an order worth more than $500,000 for tactical data link gear for a customer.

The United States Air National Guard recently received terminal sets as replacement upgrades for older Link-11 units.

"Collectively, these multiple-customer orders highlight the trust and relationships that Leonardo DRS has built over 30 years with design, development, and sustainment of this key capability," a Leonardo official said. "As fielding of Link-22 systems increase, we look forward to working with existing and new customers to provide this new critical tactical data link equipment and support to the war fighter."