Leonardo DRS receives MSD V4 systems contract

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March 29, 2019 -- Leonardo DRS has received a contract from the US Army to provide ruggedized next-generation maintenance and testing systems, the company announced on 26 March.

The five-year, up to $292 million IDIQ contract will see the company provide Maintenance Support Device Version 4 (MSD V4) Rugged and Semi-Rugged kits to assess and verify the functions of wheeled and tracked vehicles, communications systems, aviation, missiles, artillery and other complex weapons systems.

The kits include computing hardware, cables, connector accessories, software and Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals.

The solution delivers at-platform automatic test equipment for harsh environments, such as tactical motor pools, where hardened equipment offers consistent performance. It can also be used to host Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals and Electronic Technical Manuals to enable operators to troubleshoot and diagnose performance faults in real-time while conducting scheduled maintenance.

To work on this contract, Leonardo DRS has teamed with Dell to provide a family of ruggedized commercial, off-the-shelf systems to provide the army with the latest portable, lightweight computers.

This new MSD is based on a technology roadmap that enables the army to seamlessly integrate new processing technologies as they become available, while allowing users to integrate new capabilities without disrupting the program or fielding strategies.

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