St. Louis, MO

St. Louis, MO

Land Systems

Leonardo DRS Land Systems is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, a city known for its location along the Mississippi River.

Leonardo DRS Land Systems line of business is a recognized world leader in the integration of complex technologies into legacy systems and platforms for global military and commercial customers globally.

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Leonardo DRS Land Systems has a diverse portfolio of military products and technologies, focused on battlefield reconnaissance and surveillance, survivability, lethality, heavy transport, mobility, fuel and water distribution, radar, and electronic systems testing. The division maintains a headquarters facility in St. Louis and a 100-acre heavy equipment manufacturing facility in West Plains, MO.


Platform Systems Integration:

  • Expert at battlefield subsystems integration on combat platforms, Leonardo DRS' Land Systems division has provided the U.S. Army’s fire support systems since 1982, and has grown to become the premier supplier globally for battlefield reconnaissance and surveillance systems.
  • Leonardo DRS has teamed with several global strategic partners to bring critical technologies, such as vehicle active protection, Counter-UAS, and advanced medium and large caliber lethality systems, to the U.S. customer.


Heavy Manufacturing:

  • State-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing of complex welded structures that meet the demanding requirements of today’s Warfighter.
  • Battlefield material handling equipment (including M1000 Heavy Equipment Tactical Trailer, TUNNER 60k Aircraft Loader, and Halvorsen 25k Aircraft loader) provides a timely and reliable flow of logistics in arduous environments. 
  • Expeditionary fuel and water storage, distribution and packaging technologies enable rapid deployment of life-sustaining support.
  • Commercial mass transit manufacturing safely transports commuters throughout various municipalities in the U.S.



  • Proven tactical radar systems increase situational awareness and security in a broad range of integrated and stand-alone applications ranging from micro UAV detection, to personnel detection, to airborne terrain following radar.