Germantown, MD

Germantown, MD

Airborne & Intelligence Systems

Signal Solutions Center of Excellence

The Leonardo DRS Airborne & Intelligence Systems Germantown facility is an engineering and manufacturing center of excellence for Signal Solutions products.

This 133,400 square foot facility is the nerve center for equipment design, integration, test and repair, program management, product manufacturing and customer support.

Designed in this facility are high-performance data recording collection systems, and RF tuners, receivers, and subsystems that cover the electromagnetic spectrum from VLF through SHF. This facility specializes in densely packaged RF hardware with cutting-edge technology that, when integrated into systems, can detect signals of interest that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

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DRS Signal Solutions
Ready to Integrate

We specialize in designing and manufacturing RF tuners and receivers that are ready to integrate and empower SIGINT systems.

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