Information Technology Enterprise Solutions - 3 Services

The ITES-3S scope includes a full range of services and solutions necessary for the Army to satisfy its support of the Army enterprise infrastructure and infrastructure goals with IT services worldwide. The scope includes the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Management (C4IM) requirements.

ITES-3S is managed by the Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) program at Ft. Belvoir, VA.

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Contract # W52P1J-18-D-A065

ITES-3S Overview

Services-based solutions under which contractors may be required to provide a full range of IT equipment. Therefore, end-to-end solutions to satisfy worldwide development, deployment, operation, maintenance, and sustainment requirements are included.  The Government has the requirement to provide IT services to both the Army warfighter and civilians supporting the Army business operations, along with mission partners in modernizing and maintaining LandWarNet. LandWarNet links the Army's forces around the world and provides on-the-move capability to maneuver forces while pushing access down to the lowest tactical level and from that foxhole back to their home station.

The ITES-3S Leonardo DRS Team:

Two large and eight small US Defense contractors, the Leonardo DRS Team provides cyber and information technology (IT) services for the Department of Defense (DoD), the military services, the Intelligence Community (IC), and multiple federal agencies within the continental United States (CONUS) and globally. Our depth of experience in cyber and IT services over 30+ years, in both peace and war, ensures superior performance that will directly support the US Army’s mission to develop, maintain, and defend LandWarNet (LWN) as its portion of the Global Information Grid (GIG). Our industry best practices and best value services will be a cornerstone to the US Army’s information dominance objectives as evidenced by our success supporting US Army cyber-based contracts. We have mobilized an expert cyber/IT team that possesses attributes that will make ITES-3S customers productive and successful.

  • Agile
  • Warfighter = Priority
  • Lean
  • Responsive
  • Mission-focused
  • 24x7x365
  • Geographically disperse
  • Employ leading edge technologies
  • Seasoned in hostile zone operations

Leonardo DRS Subcontractors

  • Avanti Technologies
  • Blue Tech, Inc.
  • Cape Henry Associates, Inc
  • Corvus Consulting, LLC
  • HICS2, LLC
  • High Side Technology, LLC
  • KOVA Global, Inc.
  • Liberty Business Associates
  • M.C. Dean, Inc.
  • MRE Technology Solutions, LLC (MRETEC)
  • S&K Global Solutions, LLC
  • Sentar, Inc.
  • Sentek Consulting, Inc.
  • Simba Enterprises, LLC
  • Soft Tech Consulting, Inc.