From ground to sea to air, Leonardo DRS can answer technical and logistical requirements across any sector.  Our team of hardware and software service personnel is ready to answer any need because our job is to help you do yours.

Force Protection

Force ProtectionWe are a leading systems integrator of military ground vehicles to provide our troops with the very best reconnaissance and surveillance, mission support and vehicle survivability solutions in the world. We bring an extensive array of force protection technology, including counter-UAS and portable ground radar programs, active protection systems, combat vehicle turrets and stabilized sensor suites. Our short-range air defense missile system and mounted counter-UAS system integrate market-leading technologies can be rapidly deployed to protect U.S. and allied forces.

Aircraft Survivability
Counter UAS
Flight Safety
Platform Lethality
Ship Safety & Protection
Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD)


Command & Control, Communications, Computing, Cyber

C5Leonardo DRS designed and implemented a military end-to-end SATCOM system that covers the globe and serves every major Special Forces organization in the U.S. military. But that’s only one example of our global command and control, communications, computing and cyber capabilities. We also provide systems that can control and manage every aspect of shipboard communications and equip members of the broadcasting industry with the highest operating reliability and longest product life, allowing them to take their operation anywhere it needs to go. For more than two decades, we’ve provided the leading mounted and mobile computer and display systems for military ground vehicles, fielding more military computers than anyone in the industry. What’s more, each of these capabilities is backed by a global team of technical experts, prepared to support our customers in the field, at home and around the world.

Communications & Networks
Computing & IT
Test & Diagnostics


Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

ISRFew companies have the intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance and EO/IR expertise as deep as Leonardo DRS’. Take our Driver’s Vision Enhancer. It has helped improve situational awareness for countless warfighters on mobile patrol in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

We also deliver ISR solutions for surveillance and security, electronic warfare, equipment monitoring and test and measurement. Plus, Leonardo DRS delivers finished systems as well as components and sensors for OEM situations. All with an unmatched level of expertise in service, design and implementation — the very best for our customers.

Electronic Warfare
Intelligence & Security
Maritime Sensors
Surveillance Systems

Power & Propulsion

Power & PropulsionFor Leonardo DRS, power and energy management is not just an emerging area of technology; it’s a cornerstone of who we are. For decades we have provided a variety of rugged power distribution, conversion, conditioning and generation products and services for platforms at sea and on land.

Our experience has led to ground-breaking solutions that improve power modularity, storage, survivability, and density. One stand-out example: a shipboard Energy Magazine that supports laser weapons and can provide stable backup power.

With a significant amount of R&D resources focused on improving power efficiency demands, streamlining platform electrification, enabling renewable energy sources and supplying remote sites worldwide, you never know what innovative power capability Leonardo DRS will deliver next.

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Sustainment, Logistics, Service & Support

Sustainment, Logistics, Service & SupportLeonardo DRS provides customers with the exact solutions they need, exactly when they're needed. Sustainment solutions, such as survivability solutions, liquid logistics and life cycle sustainment, demonstrate their value every day to keep operations running at peak efficiency. Integrated logistics support creates turnkey solutions, taking this value to the highest level. And advanced services extend this value, integrated manufacturing and hydrodynamics. Which means environments can be safer, transport can be speedier and systems can be more reliable. Creating an optimized environment, from engineering to integration to comprehensive training. It all fuses together, connected by Leonardo DRS.

Air Cargo Handling
Aviation Support
Advanced Manufacturing
Enterprise Services
HVAC & Refrigeration
Maritime Support
Maintenance, Repair & Upgrade
Platform Integration

Training & Simulation

Training & SimulationAs the world’s premier provider of high-performance airborne and ground system air combat training technologies, Leonardo DRS provides air forces the capability to autonomously test and train anywhere, anytime with proven, reliable, range-less test capability.

From an environment involving real people operating real systems, to a completely simulated environment involving imitation systems, Leonardo DRS has the Live, Virtual & Constructive (LVC) capabilities to enable a complete training solution.

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