Surface Navy Association National Symposium

Surface Navy Association National Symposium

33rd National Symposium, A Virtual Experience

When:  January 11 – 15, 2021
  For this year only - Totally Virtual
Theme:  Train, Maintain, Fight and Win

Leonardo DRS proudly supports the Surface Navy Association’s Virtual 33rd National Symposium January 11th-15th, 2021. The SNA promotes coordination and communication among the military, business and academic communities that share a common interest in and support the activities of surface naval forces.

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Featured Technologies

Proven Performance; Reliable Partner. Leonardo DRS has extensive marine systems experience developed over a century of providing proven technologies for the U.S. Navy and our allies.

At this year’s virtual event Leonardo DRS will be featuring a wide range of technologies with proven performance for naval operations. Visit our virtual booth #4006.

76mm Shipboard Gun76mm Shipboard Gun - The 76/62 Super Rapid (SR) Shipboard Gun is a light weight, rapid-fire naval gun providing unrivaled performance and flexibility in any air defense and antisurface role, particularly in anti-missile role.  Learn more

Advanced Data Acquisition & Control System ADACSAdvanced Data Acquisition & Control System (ADACS) - ADACS features embedded sensors & controls for preventing, predicting and detecting arc faults in high power electrical systems with real time warning and control.  Learn more

Electric and Hybrid Electric Ship Propulsion SystemsElectric and Hybrid Electric Ship Propulsion Systems - Leonardo DRS motor and drive systems provide advantages in flexibility, modularity and commonality; supporting requirements for growing power efficiency demands and lower emissions on future ships.  Learn more

Energy MagazineEnergy Magazine - The Energy Magazine is a power and energy storage system designed to master many of the challenges associated with the increasing demand for available shipboard electrical power. The types of technology being incorporated into a range of ship systems today is not only driving up the need for more power but also for higher power quality, more efficient use of power and intermittent power for the high-bursts of energy required by pulse power weapons and sensor systems.  Learn more

Gas Turbine PackagingGas Turbine Packaging - Our Leonardo DRS team, having provided years of industrial and naval power support, is highly experienced in designing, assembling and testing large machinery packages.  Learn more

Low Voltage Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) Low Voltage Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) - Fielded in the latest U.S. Navy combatants, the MILDTL-17587 qualified air circuit breakers are designed to withstand rugged maritime conditions for the life of the ship. The ACB-3220 is the most power dense, low voltage Air Circuit Breaker qualified to MIL-DTL-17587. Navy Type ACB-2020 is an 800-2000A low voltage Air Circuit Breaker using the latest in electronic trip unit technology. These circuit breakers are based on a COTS breaker Leonardo DRS militarized to provide a small, lightweight, and cost effective solution.  Learn more

Motor Controllers for Marine Platforms Motor Controllers for Marine Platforms - Leonardo DRS is the leader in providing MIL-SPEC solutions for the demanding maritime market. The latest technology is used in our innovative designs. The self contained Process Controller integrates military off the shelf equipment with a MIL-SPEC motor controller to provide a small, lightweight, and cost effective solution. Utilized on the latest U.S. Navy ships for pump controls, the MILSPEC qualified Process Controller is designed to withstand rugged maritime conditions for the life of the ship.  Learn more

Marine Coils Marine Coils - All Leonardo DRS marine quality water and steam coils feature continuous plate fins and a staggered tube arrangement to provide the best engineering balance between heat transfer, air flow resistance, strength and maintenance.  Learn more

Navy Refrigeration Equipment Navy Refrigeration Equipment - Leonardo DRS designs and manufactures a diverse array of ships stores refrigeration systems and components. From turnkey systems complete with refrigerated storerooms to condensing units and low temperature forced air product coolers. Equipment is qualified to applicable Navy specifications.  Learn more

Navy Air Handling Units (AHU) Navy Air Handling Units (AHU) - Leonardo DRS’ Navy heating, ventilating, air conditioning air handling units (AHU) are designed to comply with Navy specifications, are first article qualified and, in many cases, are qualified provided listed. Our Navy AHUs are manufactured with proven performance and quality construction, and are fully supported with replacement parts and full integrated logistics support data. Our short manufacturing lead times make our Navy AHUs readily available for both new construction, and overhaul and repair.   Learn more

Permanent Magnet Axial PA Series PM Motors & GeneratorsPermanent Magnet Axial PA Series PM Motors & Generators - The Leonardo DRS Permanent-magnet axial series motors are some of the most power-dense permanent magnet motors on the market today. The completely enclosed water cooled PA series is certified to operate in moist and dusty environments and in extreme temperatures (-40 to +60°C ). PA machines have been proven by years of rugged performance in oil and gas top drive and transit operations.  Learn more

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Electronics Module (PEM)Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Electronics Module (PEM) - The Leonardo DRS series of liquid-cooled Power Electronic Modules (PEMs) advances solid-state conversion technology for improved power density, flexibility and maintainability. Since the development of our first baseline PEM in 2005 we have worked continually to improve capability while meeting stringent power quality and acoustic requirements.  Learn more

Tactical Combat Training System Increment (TCTS) II Tactical Combat Training System Increment (TCTS) II - Real-time weapon simulation, a highly fidelity instrumentation data link, and onboard data recording to support post mission debriefing.  Learn more

Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) - As electric drive ships and power hungry weapon systems are fielded, 5kV and 15kV generation and distribution systems become natural stepping stones. To minimize the risk, Leonardo DRS developed our 5kV and 15kV 1600A medium voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB). These circuit breakers are based on COTS breakers that Leonardo DRS militarized to provide a small, lightweight, and cost effective solution. Used on the latest U.S. Navy ships for power distribution, the military hardened VCB is designed to withstand rugged Navy combatant conditions for the life of the ship.  Learn more

Water Mist Fire Fighting Pump (WMFFP) Water Mist Fire Fighting Pump (WMFFP) - The Water Mist system is the U.S. Navy’s next generation fire fighting system. It is being used on the LPD 17 San Antonio Class Amphibious Transport Ships, the LHD 8 Makin Island Amphibious Assault Ship, the LHA 6 America Class Amphibious Assault ships and the DDG 1000 Zumwalt Class Multi-Mission Surface Combatants.  Learn more

Advanced Naval Manufacturing Advanced Naval Manufacturing - Leonardo DRS has an unmatched track record in naval submarine and surface combat systems, tactical networks, radar above water sensors, communications, and command and control solutions. We are the largest and most successful Naval Build-To-Print supplier and provide logistics and depot support in addition to our world class manufacturing. 

Ship Communications Ship Communications - Leonardo DRS ship communication solutions can control and manage every aspect of shipboard communications, onboard or ashore, integrating tactical, administrative, voice and data communications.  Learn more

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) - Leonardo DRS Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for sea defense provide a continuous flow of power to critical systems. In the event of a power outage. The sophisticated power conversion equipment can also be used as a power conditioner to block surges, spikes and transients and maintain stable voltage to serviced equipment.  Learn more




Control and manage every aspect of naval communications ob-board or ashore with Leonardo DRS' SHINCOM 3100 Shipboard Integrated Communications system.


Build-to-Print is a Navy Acquisition Process where the Navy can pay a reduced price and receive a quality product, equipment or components according to their exact specifications.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) ensures the critical need for consistent power on a ship will remain ceaseless.

Shock Test: Water Mist Fire Fighting Pump

The Leonardo DRS Naval Power Systems business manufactures a host of equipment for the US Navy. MIL-S-901 shock testing must be done on some equipment to meet stringent U.S. Navy requirements. Heavy equipment must be tested in what is called a “barge test”. In this video you can see the extreme nature of this testing. The unit being tested is a Water Mist Fire Fighting Pump that weighs approximately 12,000lbs.