Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) 2020

Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) 2020

May 12 – 14 | Tampa, FL



Although We Can't Be There, We're Glad You're Here!

Read on to learn more about our technologies to support Special Operations Forces operators.

Technologies on Display

Distributed Aperture IR Counter Measures (DAIRCM)Distributed Aperture IR Counter Measures (DAIRCM)
DAIRCM is an aircraft survivability system approach that utilizes a single sensor for both 2-color IR missile warning and wide field of view gimbal for threat countermeasure. Additional capabilities of the sensor include hostile fire indication (HFI), laser warning, limited Degraded Visual Environment capability, distributed sensors available for providing 360-degree situational awareness.

Distributed Aperture Sensor (DAS)Distributed Aperture Sensor (DAS)
The DAS camera is a long-wave infrared camera which provides helicopter pilots visibility in degraded visual environments. Maneuvering an aircraft in dusty, sandy or foggy environments or in complete darkness can be difficult.

Dual Mode Warning Sensor (DMWS) Dual Mode Warning Sensor (DMWS)
Aircraft survivability sensor that packages Leonardo DRS’ 2-color IR missile warning capability in the US Army’s AN/AAR-57 form factor. This fast frame rate sensor is also well suited for hostile fire indication, limited Degraded Visual Environment capability and their distributed installation provides 360-degree situational awareness.

Family of Weapon Sights-Crew ServedFamily of Weapon Sights - Crew Served (FWS-CS)
The FWS-CS is a thermal weapon sight, which wirelessly communicates with a helmet worn display (HMD) increasing survivability and decisive operations in day or night conditions. The Warfighter has the ability to engage enemy targets while they are in defilade.

Family of Weapon Sights individual (FWS-I)Family of Weapon Sights - Individual (FWS-I)
The FWS-I is an advanced clip-on infrared weapon sight combining rugged, lightweight, modular construction with superior thermal imaging technology giving today’s Warfighter uncompromising performance in day or night and in smoke or fog, significantly increasing survivability.  Learn more

Cyber SecurityCyber Security
Leonardo DRS cyber experts protect enterprise systems and information with industry leading security operations services; identity and access management; governance, strategy, and compliance; security tools & appliances; training, education, and awareness.  Tap into our expertise

End-to-End Communication SolutionsEnd-to-End Communication Solutions
Custom end-to-end solutions include secure and reliable global networking, high-performance managed network applications, 24x7x365 network operations, full life-cycle support, and a dedicated team of globally deployed field service representatives (FSRs).  Tap into our expertise

Enterprise IT Services & Staffing
Enterprise IT Services & StaffingLeveraging industry best practices, ITIL and RMF, Leonardo DRS creates custom enterprise IT systems capable of supporting next generation capabilities for mission-critical customer requirements. Full life-cycle enterprise IT solutions include: Operations & Maintenance, IT Service Management (ITSM), Applications & Systems Management, Software/Hardware Support.  Tap into our expertise

Network Operations
Network OperationsLeonardo DRS designs, builds, and maintains mission-critical global networks with persistent monitoring and control, Tier I-III help-desk services, and streamlined trouble ticket systems. Our Global NOSC provides 24x7x365 management of satellite, terrestrial, and cyber operations ensuring customers have a highly available, scalable, and secure network.  Tap into our expertise

Satellite ServicesSatellite Services
Delivering best value Ku, C, X, UHF, L and Ka-Band satellite communications (SATCOM) services by teaming with the largest satellite operators and combining operator agnostic services with economies of scale.  Tap into our expertise

Terrestrial Services
Terrestrial ServicesProviding both standalone fiber and wireless terrestrial transport and integrated back-haul for global networks, Leonardo DRS utilizes its core infrastructure, the Global Communications Network (GCN), to deliver secure and reliable telecommunication services anywhere, anytime.  Tap into our expertise

Geospatial Intelligence and Satellite Solutions
Geospatial Intelligence and Satellite SolutionsIn collaboration with e-GEOS, Leonardo DRS now provides enhanced geospatial solutions for key US Government agencies. Leonardo DRS will leverage its relationships and trusted capabilities to provide U.S. customers a platform for geospatial intelligence services including decision-making utilizing imagery, Internet-of-Things, behavioral monitoring, blue force tracking, autonomous vehicles, missile targeting, surface terrain, ocean terrain, tunnel detection and data mapping and so much more.  Tap into our expertise

HexaBlµ™ 1280-MWHexaBlµ™ 1280-MW
A cooled 6-micron MWIR camera module. It employs a revolutionary 6 μm pixel pitch HgCdTe detector technology that leverages Leonardo DRS’ proprietary HDVIP® (High Density Vertically Integrated Photodiode) to deliver high sensitivity mid-wave infrared (MWIR) detection in an incredibly small Integrated Dewar Cooler Assembly (IDCA).  Learn more

Improved Night Observation Device (INOD) Block IIIImproved Night Observation Device (INOD) Block III
The INOD Block III thermal weapon sight provides night/day and degraded battlefield or weather condition visibility for the Special Operation Forces (SOF) Sniper by easily clipping the device in front of the existing day scope.  Learn more

Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS)Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS)
Unfavorable conditions are common for American Soldiers on battlefields around the world. They often operate in pitch-dark, fog, haze, dust, smoke and adverse weather.  Learn more

Mini See Spot (MSS)Mini See Spot (MSS)
The Mini See Spot employs micro-cooler midwave infrared technology to create a large-format image of 640 x 480 pixels with a marker/designator (1.064 micron) laser see spot inherent in the sensor.  Learn more

Tenum™ 640Tenµm™ 640
Tenµm™640 precisely balances ultra-small pixel structure with ultra-sensitive microbolometer performance at a remarkable cost advantage. The 10-micron pixel pitch Vanadium Oxide (VOx) technology behind Leonardo DRS’ Tenµm™640 is the most advanced uncooled infrared sensor design available to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) today.  Learn more

Tenµm™ 1280Tenµm™ 1280
The 10-micron technology behind the all new Tenµm™1280 puts Leonardo DRS significantly ahead of its competitors in the race to smaller pixel pitch and lower cost products among manufacturers of infrared detectors. The Tenµm™1280 is the first high-resolution 10-micron thermal camera core from Leonardo DRS.

Zafiro® 640 MicroZafiro® 640 Micro
Leonardo DRS’ Zafiro® 640 Micro is a low power, ultra-compact MWIR 640 x 480 camera core for the most demanding imaging applications.  Learn more

Modular Signal Solutions for Special Operations ForcesModular Signal Solutions for Special Operations Forces
High-performance SIGINT data recording collection systems and RF tuners/receivers that are densely packaged with cutting-edge technology to monitor the electromagnetic spectrum and detect/identify signals of interest.  Learn more

Electronic Warfare SystemsElectronic Warfare Systems
From fully integrated system solutions; electronic attack, support and protection components; and training/maintenance, Leonardo DRS offers a complete networked set of EW capabilities enabling you to dominate the spectrum.  Learn more

HORIZON Camera Altitude Hold and Hover Stabilization (AHHS)
In brownout or whiteout conditions, over-water hovers and tight LZs, the AHHS system provides hands-free cyclic and collective hover control for cruise, low-altitude hover operations, precision hover and drift control, automatic descend to the ground, and automatic go-around.  Learn more

Blackstone Body-Worn DF/TDOA SystemBlackstone Body-Worn DF/TDOA System
The Blackstone Body-Worn DF/TDOA systems provides mission-critical intelligence to the Warfighter by rapidly detecting and locating a wide range of threat signals, monitoring signals of interest, and supporting real-time analysis.  Learn more

Blackstone Vehicle Mount Kit (VMK)Blackstone Vehicle Mount Kit (VMK)
The Blackstone Vehicle Mount Kit (VMK) extends the utility of the Blackstone system into stationary mast and moving vehicle applications.  Learn more

Joint Tactical Terminal – Transceiver (JTT-TRx)Joint Tactical Terminal – Transceiver (JTT-TRx)
The JTT-TRx is the smallest and most complete Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) transceiver solution available. The JJT-TRx is also the world’s first and only modular bolt-on transmit terminal upgrade available - based on the JTT-Miniaturized Receiver (JTT-MRx). It is a stand-alone, interoperable beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) miniaturized Common Interactive Broadcast (CIB) transceiver for all JTT-IBS applications with a 60% size, weight and power (SWAP) reduction.  Learn more

PitBull™ Multi-Protocol, Multi-Function, Non-Traditional Environment SensorPitBull™ Multi-Protocol
PitBull is a compact, multi-function, dual agile transceiver sensor capable of monitoring and locating multiple advanced signal emitters. The sensor can be used stand-alone or networked with other sensors to accomplish its programmed mission objective.

Data Distrbution Unit - Expandable (DDUx)Data Distribution Unit - Expandable (DDUx)
The DDUx is a highly integrated and extremely rugged computing Server incorporating Intel’s Core i7 processor technology, as well as removable 2.5” solid state hard drives.  Learn more

MFoCS II BrochureMounted Family of Computer Systems (MFoCS) II
MFoCS II is the core component of the Mounted Computing Environment. As the key enabler of any vehicle C5ISR architecture, MFoCS II provides a fully integrated Mission Command suite of capabilities.  Learn more  | Download the brochure

Multi-Function Rugged Displays (MRD) IIMulti-Function Rugged Displays (MRD) II
The MRDs are multi-function, extremely rugged, sun light readable displays that incorporate resistive touch screens.  Learn more

Multi-Function Rugged Tablet II (MRT II)Multi-Function Rugged Tablet (MRT) II
Leonardo DRS’ military rugged tablet establishes new standards in functionality and performance for portable rugged computers.  Learn more

Rugged Workstations
Rugged WorkstationsBased on the very latest Intel Core™ i7 CPU technology, the Leonardo DRS RW Range of high resolution, modular multi-function tactical Smart Displays provide leading edge computing and display capability for the most demanding ground vehicle environments.  Learn more

Vehicle Intercom System (VIS)Vehicle Intercom System (VIS)
The Leonardo DRS Vehicle Intercom System (VIS) is a non-developmental product that offers a flexible, future- proof solution to platform based audio.

PA44 Permanent Magnet Motor / GeneratorPA44 Permanent Magnet Motor / Generator
The PA44 is direct water-cooled and rated up to 625HP. At only 395 lbs. the PA44 produces 1.6 horsepower per lb., making it the most power dense machine in its class. It has been selected to provide hybrid electric drive propulsion for the U.S. Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Cutter program.  Learn more