Below you can find our media resources that cover what Leonardo DRS is at its core and how much we’ve grown over the past fifty years. This web-page covers diverse information about our company such as educational infographics, capability brochures, corporate branding, promotional campaigns, and insightful videos that communicate the innovative technologies and services that Leonardo DRS supplies for military forces, intelligence agencies, and defense contractors worldwide.


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50th Anniversary

In 1969, two engineers developed a new sonar that revolutionized how the U.S. Navy tracked enemy submarines. 50 years later, we are a global company providing a range of innovative technologies to protect American Warfighters on land, at sea, and in the air.

FFG-X Capabilities

As the Navy focuses on building a new & more lethal fleet, the next-gen guided-missile frigate (FFG(X)) platform will require essential technologies that only a long-time provider of naval technology can supply.


Equipped to overmatch. From full-up systems, down to enabling technologies and components, Leonardo DRS has the expertise and capabilities to overwhelm emerging threats. Providing a decisive advantage wherever the battle takes you.

Quantum Cascade Laser Technology

Leonardo DRS Daylight Solutions line of business is the world's leading provider of best-in-class, mid-infrared, quantum cascade laser sources for life sciences, research, industrial, and defense industries.

TROPHY Active Protection System (APS)

Learn about the world's first and only fully-operational, combat-proven active protection system.