I/ITSEC 2020

I/ITSEC 2020

Interservice / Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference

November 30 - December 4 | Orlando, FL
Join Leonardo DRS at the world's largest modeling, simulation, and training event.

  • Location:  Orange County Convention Center
  • Booth #:  757

For more information or to schedule a meeting with Leonardo DRS during I/ITSEC, please contact: 
Rheanne Baker
+1 301 944 8364

Air Combat Training Capabilities

Air Combat Training Systems (ACTS)Air Combat Training Systems - Leonardo DRS offers combat pilots the most advanced Air Combat Training Systems (ACTS) available, enabling high-fidelity Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) simulation using our fifth-generation Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) and Electronic Warfare (EW) threat simulators.

With more than 5,000 Leonardo DRS airborne instrumentation units in service worldwide, and well over 1 million service hours of air combat test and training sorties, it’s no wonder Leonardo DRS ACTS has been chosen by our customers to prepare combat-ready pilots for whatever is next.

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P5 CTS Pod Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) Pods & Subsystems - Providing real-time weapon simulation, a high fidelity instrumentation data link, and onboard data recording to support post mission debriefing. 

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Open ACTIVE Display & Debriefing SystemOpen ACTIVE Display & Debriefing System - The Air Combat Training Integrated Visualization Environment (ACTIVE) is a PC-based display and debriefing system that provides live monitoring and a complete debrief of air combat training missions.

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Electronic Warfare SimulatorsElectronic Warfare Simulators - Our EW Simulators range in size and complexity from hand held, low cost/low fidelity radar warning receiver (RWR) simulators to full effective radiated power (ERP) fifth generation digital threats.

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